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Birds in the wilderness

It just wasn’t meant to be.  First there was a lightning strike that hit the launch pad on Friday.  Sunday’s launch was scrubbed and rescheduled for Monday.  Then before Monday could even get here – NASA said they needed more time for systems checks – hence the launch was moved to Tuesday.  Now with hurricane Ernesto headed toward central Florida, NASA has to start preparing to roll Atlantis back to the VAB before high winds reach Cape Canaveral.

So … disappointed … I decided it was time to go home.  Little did I know that bad weather was pounding the DFW metroplex.  So much for an on time arrival.  But on a positive note – the Orlando airport has free wireless internet, and I even managed to secure a power outlet to charge my laptop.

So here I sit (like a bird in the wilderness .. sing along – you know the words).


Launch Delayed 24 Hours

The MMT decided to postpone the launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis for at least 24 hours to allow more time to assess ground and flight systems following a strong lighting strike to the lighting protection system at the launch pad on Friday afternoon.

The MMT will review data and decide about Monday when they reconvene at 10 a.m. EDT on Sunday.

If it is determined that all systems are go for a Monday launch, the weather presents only a 20 percent chance of “no go”.


Today in Tech

Several good stories out today.  IBM is purchasing ISS – the market leader in network security services.  Apple recalls 1.8 million batteries (on the heels of the Dell battery recall).  Microsoft fixed their fouled up IE patch with another patch.  And a pretty good article out on ZDNET that talks about data center centralization and consolidation.

And with that … I’m off to the closing event of the ILTA conference here in Orlando.


Some tidbits from ILTA

The conference is going pretty well so far.  Lots of good information (some of which can’t be posted here).  But I wanted to share just a couple things with my IT friends and coworkers while the conference is still in progress.

1.  A book called, “The Backup Book: Disaster Recovery from Desktop to Data Center”.  If you are one of my IT leaders – I’ve got a copy on order for you.  We will all be reading and discussing this book.  Don’t buy your own – I already purchased it for you.

2.  Password Auditing.  The new standard these days is a program called Rainbowcrack.

3.  Take a look at “Google Hacking“.  It’s pretty interesting.

Plenty more to come.  Stay tuned.


American Airlines or Orlando International?

Not sure who has the problem.  I landed in Florida almost 45 minutes ago, and not a single piece of luggage has come off our plane yet.  There are hundreds of people just standing around wasting time.  Come to think of it – maybe it is the fault of the TSA.  Their craxy new rules are probably forcing more people to check baggage.  In any case – I just want my stupid bag.



What a day.  Had yet another IBM xSeries server RAID card go tits up today.  Seriously – who engineers a battery backed-up RAID card that just dies without warning when there is a battery problem?  Oh wait – IBM – that’s who.  So I got to spend my afternoon watching a RAID array synch and then performed a repair of a damaged Windows 2003 server install.  The process was a success, and we did not have any data loss.

But not even server woes can bring me down today.  My shuttle launch ticket arrived UPS today!!  I am excited – just praying the weather in Florida holds together for me.  So here is a link to the PDF that was included in my package.  And without one of these – you won’t be going to the KSC on launch day (reduced and altered to prevent anyone from counterfeiting) …




Snakes on a Plane

Less than 24 hours until the grand opening of this new cult classic.  And check out what happened when I purchased my ticket online from …

Thank you for purchasing ticket(s) to see Snakes on a Plane. You are invited to participate in a brief text message dialogue to share your reactions and thoughts about Snakes on a Plane with the filmmakers and studio immediately after you see the movie.

Sign up to participate and we will text you within approximately 15 minutes of the conclusion of the movie. If you complete the three-question exchange within two hours after receiving the first text message, we will give you up to $2 off your next ticket transaction. There is also an optional 4th question that will enable you to send an unfiltered message in your own words describing how you feel about the movie.

Your cell phone number and carrier information provided to us via the input boxes below will be used only to communicate with you via text messaging about Snakes on a Plane, and unless you instruct us otherwise, will be deleted from our systems and records thereafter, regardless of whether you actually participate in the SMS dialogue or not. 


It’s ILTA Time

Another year has passed, and it is time to head back to the annual International Legal Technology Association conference (a/k/a ILTA).  This year the conference is being held in Orlando, Florida.  This is one of my favorite technology conferences – I highly recommend it to anyone involved with legal technology.  ILTA is a peer driven organization that offers excellent educational and networking opportunities.

After the conference ends, I am considering staying in Orlando for an extra day in order to watch the space shuttle Atlantis launch on August 27th.  So with a little luck the weather will hold.  NASA gave Atlantis an official “Go” for Liftoff late today.


Construction Accident Kills – Downtown Dallas

This accident happened yesterday morning – about two blocks from where I work.  OSHA is investigating …

August 14, 2006 @ 10 AM:  A construction accident at the Mercantile National Bank Building in Dallas sent a concrete slab falling from the 19th floor.  Edgar Santos, age 34, and Kevin Oliva, age 21, were both killed in the accident that occurred in the 200 block of St. Paul and Commerce streets.


San Francisco

All kidding about the hot Texas weather aside, my thoughts of vacationing in San Francisco at some point in the future prompted me to do a little research this weekend. So this list is more a note for my own future reference than a blog posting. Nevertheless, there are some interesting links. I’m also open to submissions from others who might have more experience with the Bay area. So share your experiences and help me plan my vacation.


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