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Rain, precious rain …

After more than one month without rain, we finally got some relief late this afternoon.  The showers rolled through, and temperatures dropped more than 15 degrees.  I can almost hear my air conditioner’s sigh of relief.  Summer is not over – temps will be back around 103 on Wednesday.  I’m starting to wonder why I don’t live in San Francisco (where the high temperature this week will be 71).  I think it is time for a fact-finding vacation to California. 🙂


Pool Party in Houston

Last weekend Christian and I went to Houston on Sunday to visit our friend (and co-worker) Sandy. We spent Sunday afternoon swimming and drinking at Bob’s house (Sandy’s boyfriend). Bob cooked up an amazing feast of cajun spiced shrimp, potatoes, and corn on the cob – Louisiana style cooking. Although I did not catch a photo of her, Diane Murphy joined us too. Diane worked with Sandy and me at BPL back in the late 90’s. I hadn’t seen Diane in almost 10 years, but it was really great to catch up with her and talk about old times.


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