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“When it’s cold outside”

It’s been a cold (super cold) weekend in North Texas. Despite all the rain and freezing temperatures, I did manage to squeeze in a trip Saturday to the gun range with my friend John. We took the S&W 41 out for its debut. After checking to make sure that rounds would feed and extract properly, we put 100 rounds of CCI ammunition through it. We did not experience a single problem, and the grouping this gun can produce is truly amazing (despite me being behind the trigger). Now I’m left wondering how much better it could be with a trip to Clark Custom Guns. My only complaint so far is that I found reassembly after field stripping to be a bit tricky (specifically aligning the barrel with the frame opening).

I do like shooting at DFW gun range. That place is a class act, but n the future I’m going to start buying my ammunition at Academy. At the range I paid $30 for two boxes of 9mm, and the same thing at Academy would run $14 (and that’s good quality Winchester ammunition). I understand they want to make a profit, but a 114% markup is steep.


Saturday = Gun Show

May I introduce my new (used) Smith & Wesson Model 41 …


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