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Several years ago a young woman I worked with was involved in a serious car accident.  She survived, but faced a complicated road of recovery.  One of the things I took away from that situation was a greater appreciation for the need to appoint an agent in a medical power of attorney.  The woman I worked with had not done that, and because she was unmarried – her family had to petition the court for the right to make decisions on her behalf.  Many single people mistakenly believe that a relative has the right to make decisions for you.  This is absolutely not true.  If you fail to act, the courts have jurisdiction by default.

It’s easy enough to make your wishes known.  Today I issued a medical power of attorney and an advance medical directive.  These are relatively simple form documents that you can complete and execute in front of two witnesses.  Nobody likes to think about death or terminal medical conditions, but it is much easier to plan ahead.

If I have captured your attention and you are ready to act, may I suggest a site that can help you.  I purchased my forms from  Just answer a few simple questions, pay a small fee, and your documents are ready to print out and sign.  And yes – I compared them to an attorney prepared version and found them to be accurate and complete (ah the benefits of working in the legal community).

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