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The “Blackberry Outage” of 04-16-07

The following explanation was forwarded by a Cingular representative …

The BlackBerry NOC had an outage last night.  There will be an official release sometime today, but here are some facts if you need to share with customers.
– Outage began at 08:11 PM EST on 4/17/2007
– Outage affected all BES and BIS users in the Americas
– BES and BIS users in the other global geographies, including Europe and AP, were not affected
– Users from the Americas roaming internationally using their native SIMs were affected (GRX roaming)
– BES messaging, BIS messaging, PIN to PIN, and BIS management capabilities were unavailable during outage
– Some BES may have lost their SRP connections to the RIM relay
– Users may have received messages intermittently throughout the night
– The outage is still ongoing, but most AT&T traffic is flowing now without incident
As of right now that is all I know, once I get new information, I will pass it along.
Steve Spoonemore | Research In Motion
Regional Technical Manager


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