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Offsite Datacenter Update

Things are moving along well at our new datacenter.  The infrastructure is more than 90% installed and configured now.  The professional services folks are coming out next week to help us provision the SAN.  Until then, we are handling some odds and ends of configuration and updates.

I attended the VMWare Symposia in Dallas on Tuesday.  Overall I was a bit disappointed.  I would have preferred to see more educational tracks as opposed to the sales “death by PowerPoint” that we got.  I did take away a few tips from the demo track with regard to configuring clustering in Virtual Center for HA and DRS.  Got that all up and going today – seems to be in good shape now.

HP has also released some firmware updates for our C-Class blades.  There is a new version of ILO2 (1.30) and new onboard administrator firmware (2.00).  After a bit or reading, the new firmware actually fixes a few problems we have experienced.  So tonight a co-worker and I applied all the new firmware.  Most interesting new feature is that ILO should now support shared remote console sessions.

I also downloaded and installed QLogic SANsurfer agents on all of our Windows 2003 blades today.  The GUI can now be used to query the agents to determine the WWPN of each FC adapter.  This is an important step in preparing for the Brocade fabric zoning next week during the SAN install.

So things are busy.  Just doing all those last minute “tweaks” to make it that much better.  I hope to have some new photos to share soon.  Until then – happy blogging.


Vista Ultimate – Day 1

I made the leap to Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate (64-bit) on my home computer.  I was running XP Pro (64-bit) so I did not think it would be that much of a stretch.  The install was easy once I tracked down Vista supported drivers for my RAID card.  Before I leave that point, I must shake my finger at the folks at 3Ware.  Vista has been out for how long now?  Why is your driver still considered engineering “pre-release”?  Get with the program.

Since XP Pro 64-bit is not a supported upgrade path to Vista (huh??), I had to do a fresh install.  Only Microsoft would choose not to provide an upgrade from their most recent OS.  Lucky for me there was almost nothing of value on my computer.

My second Nvidia Geforce 7800 card is still showing up with an error in Device Manager (claims there are not enoguh resources).  That means no SLI until I get that figured out.  And yes, I did download the latest video drivers and NForce drivers for my system.  A minor puzzle to be solved later.

So I guess I am having a few problems.  Anybody want to venture a guess what Symantec AV programs support Vista 64-bit?

Vista has some cool desktop widgets (excuse me – gadgets) out there.  They even have one that is a live feed of NASA TV.  No more wondering what the Atlantis STS-117 crew is up to … I can just watch it right there on my desktop.

Comments (1) Hell !!

Working in IT, every once in a while you run up against a problem that is hard to solve.  Sometimes the documentation is either wrong or lacking adequate detail.  When I experience one of those situations, I feel compelled to write up the problem and solution so that other users on the Internet can hopefully benefit from my pain.  Today was one of those days.  So for you non-technical people, the rest of this post is not for you.

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