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Why I won’t buy AMD again

About two years ago, I purchased a “monster” machine that was based off the fastest dual-core server CPU’s available at the time (AMD Opteron).  Since then, Intel has taken back its “top dog” position in the server processor market.  I’m not looking to upgrade just yet, but I decided to take a look at the AMD website to see what strategies exist for me.  Turns out there aren’t any.  Here is a brief synopsis of what AMD has to say on the matter …

Customers looking at processor technology often think about migration complexity. How can I move from one processor to another? AMD has addressed this by providing a “clean, elegant upgrade path for systems driven by Second-Generation AMD Opteron™ processors.”  These systems can be upgraded to Quad-Core processors.

AMD has finally unveiled its first quad-core Opteron.  Keep in mind that in a little over 2 months, you can expect to see Intel launch its second-generation quad-core server processor.  While Intel is pushing the bar higher and higher, AMD seems to have no problem abandoning their customers.  I certainly feel like I got “suckered” by all the AMD hype two years ago.  Trust me when I say I won’t make that mistake again.  My next system will have Intel Inside.

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Holy Cow – Cubs Win Twice!!!

Click through the photo below to see more pictures from our trip to Chicago …


Go Cubs Go!!

“Go Cubs go, go Cubs go, hey Chicago what do you say, the Cubs are gonna win today.”  If you don’t recognize that line, it is a song lyric from the late Steve Goodman.  With just 9 games left for the Cubs this season, they still sit in first place in the NL Central.  And today I’m heading up there with my dad so we can catch two games at Wrigley.  Can’t express in words how much I am looking forward to this.  Now if I could just finish packing.  Got to run!

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I got more sleep without DSL

It is official.  I’ve started playing World of Warcraft.  My friend Matt has sucked me in.  Take a look at this in game pic.  I’m on the left (the level 10 Warlock).


DSL is here again – Yippee!

Now that my phone jack is repaired and I got AT&T to add back the DSL service they dropped from my bill … I have working DSL service again!!! I’m embarrassed to say it has taken me over a year to get this taken care of, but that is all in the past now. Here are the initial speed test results …



Dale Earnhardt drives the number 8 car in NASCAR Nextel Cup.  After finishing this weeks race, a reporter asked him how he felt about his 5th place finish.  His first words were that, “It is hot, and I am tired – I’m very tired.”  But right after that (as he continued to wipe the perspiration from his brow), he said something that captures what it means to work on a team.  He said, “I’d like to think my team could run this well without me, but I could never run this well without them.  So thanks to everyone on the team.”

Now this is the guy that’s out in front of the cameras – right in the public eye.  How easy would it have been to take the glory or blame his team for not helping him finish even higher?  What a class act.  When I’m tired at the end of the day, I only hope I can muster that kind of professionalism.  So do you play solo or are you part of a team?  How do you think your team sees you?

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