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Bomb Threat Friday

UPDATE – As of 5:23 PM CST today, we got the “All Clear” notice. No bomb was found. I am safely home from work.

Dallas – Breaking News Story

Just got this email from my employer. For reference, I work about a block away from where this is going on. Fortunately I am over 30 stories up in the air. More details as they become available.

The below message was sent via the Emergency Alert System:

DPD and DART Police have identified a possible explosive device on a DART bus at 1600 Elm Street. DPD is asking that all buildings within a 300 foot radius of this street block to evacuate. Please inform your tenants to stay away from any windows facing the 1600 block of Elm Street.

We are advising tenants and their associates to avoid this area. The bomb squad is on the way.

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Beerfest (Outside Stormwind)

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