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The phone lines have moved

We made it through a huge hurdle tonight. All phone and fax numbers got ported over. It took about 2 hours all in – although my full work day was 16 hours. Tomorrow we begin testing computers and printers (all of which are being delivered as I sleep tonight). Off to bed.


Final Failover Testing Complete

Last Thursday we did acceptance testing with our network integrator.  That process covered switching, routing, IP Telephony, wireless, and NAC.  There were a few steps in the test plan that we couldn’t do during business hours.  We had live telephone training going on at our old building.  Those phones were registered with the Cisco Unified Communications server at the new building.  So we deferred a few activities until last night.  Everything went great.  We tested supervisor module failover on both Cisco 6509 MDF switches.  We also simulated a loss of the onsite subscriber and watched 460 phone re-register to the publisher (which is located at our offsite datacenter).

Only about 52 hours to go until the big move starts (Friday @ Noon).  Say a little prayer for no surprises!

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Operation Surge Basura

The big move weekend is almost here.  I’ve been working on this project since December of 2006, and it is hard to believe that after next weekend it will be over.  But it isn’t time to celebrate just yet.  There are plenty of tasks to be performed – not all of them glamorous.

One of my IT duties was suggesting that we purchase all new surge protectors for our computers.  The ones we had been buying over the last 20 years were consumer models – and not all of them were even surge protectors.  For those that were once surge protectors, they are likely beyond their useful life.  So we plunked down the money to buy all new 4-port Isobars (made by TrippLite).  They arrived a couple weeks ago.  Then came the daunting task of figuring out how to distribute and install them.  A portion of them were installed by our furniture vendor, but that left plenty for us to unbox and plug in.

Several co-workers got a jump start on this Saturday.  I joined the action Sunday afternoon.  The process had been worked out the day before, and it included distributing new trash cans as well.  So we set out on our journey – installing surge protectors and placing trash cans.  At the end of the day, Roger (who was a HUGE help with this effort) coined the phrase “Operation Surge Basura”.  By 6:00 PM we had it all knocked out.  Special thanks to Chuck as well – he put in a lot of hours both Saturday and Sunday to make it all happen.

Next step – extension cords and cord covers.  The saga continues.

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