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Christmas in Sherman

So Karen threatened the kids with putting this on YouTube … I just put it on my blog for family. No names to protect the innocent, but my niece and nephew are in this video (and my nephew is the one adding his own special noises to the song). Enjoy.

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HAM is not SPAM

We all know what junk email is called … spam.  But have you ever heard of email ham?  Turns out that “ham” is the term used to refer to all valid email.  I learned this today after upgrading my WordPress blog software.  When I went to check on my Akismet spam stats, I noticed a category for “ham”.  Just thought I would share that new found lingo with the rest of the world.  Enjoy your green eggs and ham!

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Lamp Replacement – Sony KF60WE610

Back in June I wrote a post about TV in America.  As part of that post, I discussed my Sony KF60WE610 television and its lamp hours.  At that time, it had a little over 8500 hours on the lamp (it is rated to 10000 hours).  So I purchased a new bulb and had it sitting on the shelf ever since.

Lately my TV has been having trouble powering on.  You can hear the lamp trying to fire, but eventually it gives up and the red lamp light just blinks (which indicates it is time for a new bulb).  I nursed it along for a while, but today I decided to do the replacement (I will upload pictures later).  The process wasn’t bad at all, and I got 9644 hours out of the original bulb.

If you happen to have the same TV, here is a link to the PDF file that explains how to install the lamp.  This instruction guide did not ship with my replacement Sony lamp.  Also note that the lamp contains Mercury and must be disposed of properly.  I will be sending my bulb for recycling at Relampit.  I notice Sony doesn’t offer up a return program for their customers (shame on them).

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