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I have been an audible customer for years, but I’m probably not a “model” customer.  I tend to wait until renewal time and then rush to spend my existing credits on books before they expire (you can only rollover 6 credits).  This year was no exception.

I was a bit shocked to discover that I have upgraded my mobile tech faster than Audible can keep up.  My Blackberry Torch is still not supported (four months after launch).  There is also no mention of my Kindle 3.  A big attraction to audio books is mobility – and Audible supports lots of devices.  I just think they should work a little faster to keep pace with the latest devices.  Am I asking too much?

* Correction – Although no Kindle 3 support is listed, I was able to transfer my purchases to the unit and playback seems fine.


Merry Christmas

What an amazing year 2010 has been.  I received the two best possible gifts – my sister is alive (making a fantastic recovery) and I learned what it means to put absolute trust in God.

We nearly lost Karen this April due to a ruptured brain aneurysm.  I was on my way to New York when I got the call.  By the time I flew home and arrived at the hospital, she was already in surgery.  After weeks in the ICU and months of inpatient rehabilitation, she finally got to come home in late summer.  And most recently, Karen was discharged from all outpatient rehab.  Praise God!

Life is incredibly fragile – it can change in a single moment.  But life is also infinitely complex.  Dr. Koebbe, the neurosurgeon that saved my sister’s life, is one of less than 100 neurosurgeons in the U.S. skilled in performing cerebral aneurysm coiling.  And there he was, in San Antonio, the very day my sister needed him.

I also have a new found respect for those who have chosen to be nurses (especially those in the ICU).  It takes tremendous skill and compassion to do what they do every day.  I will always remember Moses from the Pulmonology team.

There are too many people to thank – I can’t possibly name everyone.  Not a day goes by that I don’t give thanks for those who …

Provided a ride, a place to sleep, or listened as we coped;
Brought or cooked a meal, provided childcare;
Waited with us in the ICU as we dried our tears;
Visited Karen and prayed without ceasing!

As you spend this Christmas day with your family and loved ones – hold them close, rejoice, and give thanks for the time we have with one another.  Merry Christmas.


Total Lunar Eclipse

Last night I stayed up to photograph the total lunar eclipse.  As the evening moved along, I was live blogging on this page with links to photos.  Now that I have had time to review the 100+ pictures I took – I decided to replace what I posted last night.  Don’t worry – you can still see the photos on my Flickr page.  Enjoy!

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