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Background Checks

This is intended to be an exercise in critical problem solving. This post (and its comments) are not advocating a particular position. I am simply asking the reader to start with the assumption that we, the people of the United States, want to require background checks on ALL gun sales (including private transfers). What barriers prevent such a law from being effective? Are there solutions to some or all of these barriers?

1. How do you prove that an illegal transfer occurred without first knowing the current owner of every firearm in America?
2. If you could prove an illegal transfer happened, who is held accountable (buyer, seller, other)?
3. What if the government system that authorized the transfer later determines that the buyer was not eligible?
4. What is the penalty for an illegal transfer to the buyer/seller?
5. Is there any legal precedent involving the transfer or sale of other forms of personal property if said property could later be used in the commission of a crime?

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