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Privacy rights in America

Going forward, you should be scared when courts classify information as “business records”. This is the same term that appears in recently declassified documents pertaining to the FISA and PATRIOT Act. So in addition to gathering metadata about every phone call, now the courts are saying that historical location data about where you and your phone have been is just a “business record” that they can request from telcos without a warrant. Fear of terrorism is the flag we are sailing under as privacy rights are destroyed in our nation. We need to demand immediate changes from congress. This is worth your time.


Cisco 7975G load file name has asterisks?

This particular load file on a Cisco 7975G registered to Call Manager 6.1.5 displays an asterisk at the beginning and end of the file name.  If you register the same phone against a CUCM 9.1 environment, there are no asterisks on the load file name.  Does anyone know why?



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