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HP Intelligent Provisioning – “No images are available”

Last week I used HP’s Intelligent Provisioning to deploy Windows Server 2012 to a new DL360p Gen8 server. If you are not familiar with Intelligent Provisioning, it is the successor to the SmartStart DVD we have all been using for many years now. You simply press F10 during system POST to launch the utility. From there, you can simply connect a USB drive with an ISO image of the server operating system you need to deploy. It’s really that simple … except for one thing.

The first time I tried this, everything seemed to work. I browsed to the attached USB drive and navigated through the folder structure to the location of my ISO. The system restarted and appeared to be working. I stepped away. When I came back to check on it, I found a Windows setup dialogue on the screen with a message that “no image are available.” There was nothing else I could do at this point.

I found the answers in a HP video about Intelligent Provisioning on YouTube. The USB device must be a FAT32 volume (and mine was NTFS of course). So I called upon diskpart to re-partition and format the drive with a single 30GB FAT32 volume. I then copied over the Windows Server 2012 ISO image (which is still under the 4GB file size limit of the FAT32 file system). This time it all worked perfectly. I hope this saves you some time on your next server deployment.  If anyone from HP reads this, I encourage you to consider adding a simple text note to the IP screen advising customers that USB drives need to be FAT32.


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