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Logitech H820e wireless headset mutes first call when second call rings in

Logitech markets the H820e wireless headset as a business class product at over $100.  It’s primary design is to work with corporate IM products like Cisco Jabber and Microsoft Lync.  Only – it doesn’t work well with either of these products.  After using the product for three months, I can tell you first hand it has two major flaws:

1. If you are on a phone call and a second call rings in, the headset automatically mutes the first call.  Logitech published support article 42284 about this exact problem on 08/31/2014.  No update or resolution – they simply suggest, “If you choose to not take the incoming call, un-mute the current call.”  Well isn’t that helpful.  Imagine you are talking to someone on the phone.  From their perspective …. the line just goes silent mid sentence.  If you can’t un-mute fast enough they will probably just hang up.

2. Every time you return the headset to the charging dock, the microphone gets turned off.  This makes perfect sense, but you would think it would turn back on when you remove it from the cradle.  It doesn’t.  There are two buttons on the microphone boom.  One of them is an official mute button.  The other is the LED light button at the rear of the boom that usually functions as a hook switch (to answer or hangup a call).  When you remove the headset from the dock, the mute button will not work.  You have to press the hook switch button once first to “wake up” the headset microphone.  Once you do that, the microphone mute button works as anticipated.  The end result is that I routinely end up answering an incoming call and the other party can’t hear my audio.  Once on a call – there is no way to fix the problem because the button I need to push will result in terminating the phone call.  The only fix is to hang up, press the hook switch button, and call the other party back.

Logitech is ignoring these problems.  They have outsourced all of their technical support.  I can’t get these issues in front of the software and hardware engineers that need to know about them.  So I turn to this blog, Twitter, and Facebook hoping that someone at Logitech wants to prove they actually give a shit.  If they happen to resolve these issues, I will update this post.  Until then you can safely assume that you should never buy this or any other Logitech for Business product.  Stick with Plantronics.  I wish I had.

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