The value of a penny

When did the penny become such a bother?  Everywhere you go these days, stores have that little “penny tray” by the cash register.  Is it too much trouble to carry that penny home with you?  And why do store clerks get so upset if you don’t have that extra penny on hand to pay for your purchase when the total rings up at $7.01 and you hand them $10.00.  Is it really that much effort to make change?  Do we not like to count anymore?

I made a purchase tonight that came to just that – $7.01.  I gave the guy a $10 bill.  He gave me back three ones and said, “It’s only a penny” and shrugged as he walked off to help the next person.  The internal accountant that lies beneath dies just a little bit when I think of the failure to reconcile down to the last cent.  So what do you think?  I’m not really proposing anything here – just curious to see if anyone has a different opinion.

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