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I picked up an HP Pavilion Slimline desktop PC last weekend. I was in the market for a new small PC to go into my home entertainment system, and I was going to build another Shuttle system. As I surveyed the slim pickings of Shuttle gear that remained on the shelves at Fry’s, I ran across these super tiny HP Slimline systems. How perfect – exactly what I needed and no system build hassles.

Now I know you think I am going to complain – and you are wrong. I really do like this thing so far. But instead of complaints, I have some suggestions for HP that would make it even better. A fine line (complaints vs. suggestions), but I like HP as a company these days.

1. No recovery DVD’s? You provide a utility for making my own, but I’d rather see them included. Should it really take 2 DVD-DL disks for backup media? Why can I only make one set, and why are the instructions for creating the disks buried at the back of the owners manual? You should put this on the quick start guide so that the average consumer can do this.

2. I would also like to have an option for a system restore that just has the base OS and drivers. All of your “free” software might be great for someone (I’d love to meet them by the way), but I don’t want it. I guess I would settle for an OEM operating system install disk.

3. A mouse with a physical roller ball in it? What is this, 1995? Optical mice are the standard these days. Don’t cheap out on me like that.

4. A one year warranty – yet another way to cut corners and costs. I understand you are shooting for a low price tag in the store. After all – that’s what got my attention, but most consumers would like 2 or 3 years worth of warranty coverage. I purchased my extended warranty from Fry’s (so that is lost revenue for HP).

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