Love Field – the new DFW?

I have been flying in and out of Dallas Love Field for almost a decade now.  I’ve openly supported the repeal of the Wright Amendment – believing that a free market (open to competition) was the best thing for the greater Dallas area.  Although the Wright Amendment is not fully gone yet, a compromise was reached that does allow for more flights to greater distances.  Southwest Airlines (and the other carriers at Love Field) were certainly ready for the change.  Flights and gates were added, but somebody forgot to tell the City of Dallas and the TSA.

This past Monday I arrived at Love right at 7:30 AM for an 8:10 AM flight.  Imagine my surprise when I entered the airport and saw about 1500 people in long snaking lines – all waiting to get through security.  I’m not talking about the regular snaking security lines.  These lines enveloped the entire terminal – all the way down to baggage claim.  Absolutely insane for Love Field – I have never seen anything like it there before.

After speaking with an airline employees and several regular passengers, it seems this has been a common sight for the last month now.  To make matters worse, construction is still underway to modernize the baggage claim area.  As part of those renovations, the sky bridge that connects the passenger terminal to the parking garage has been shut down.  That’s one less entrance / exit – forcing even more traffic through the front of the terminal.

So for now – show up early (very early) for any departure out of Love Field.  I’m hoping the airport officials and the TSA can get it together before Dallas Love Field becomes the next DFW.

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