SAN Training (Days 2 and 3)

Day 2 was all about working in Navisphere. Navisphere is the management software that controls an EMC SAN. We started off the day by installing the agent and PowerPath software on Windows 2003 host machines. Then we worked through lab exercises where we created RAID groups, built LUNS, and assigned hosts and LUNS to Storage Groups. We learned how to use diskpart to initialize and align the LUNS for the Windows host machines.

Later in the day we learned how to expand LUNS by using LUN migration and Meta-LUNs. I’ve included a screenshot of the Navisphere interface below.

Right now we are working on setting up Microsoft Clustering with storage LUNs in the SAN. That should be fun … I haven’t done Windows clustering in about a year. Later today there is a factory tour to go see where Dell makes their servers. I’m still on the fence about going. They want us to sign an NDA that lasts for 3 years!! I didn’t have to sign an NDA when I took a similar tour with HP last fall. And if I do decide to go, I really wouldn’t be able to tell anyone about it anyway. Hard to see the value.

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