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Working in IT, every once in a while you run up against a problem that is hard to solve.  Sometimes the documentation is either wrong or lacking adequate detail.  When I experience one of those situations, I feel compelled to write up the problem and solution so that other users on the Internet can hopefully benefit from my pain.  Today was one of those days.  So for you non-technical people, the rest of this post is not for you.

PROBLEM:  I have an HP C-Class blade enclosure.  In the rear interconnect bays are two Brocade 4GB FC switches.  The default IP of the Brocade switches is with a subnet of  The HP Onboard Administrator has a place where you can change these IP addresses, but hitting “apply” does not cause the IP to change.  What to do?


1.  Connect to the HP Onboard Administrator via the console port using Hyperterminal with settings of 9600, 8, None, 1, and None.
2.  Login to the Onboard Administrator with your admin account and password.
3.  At the prompt type “connect interconnect X” where “X” is the interconnect bay number.
4.  Now login to the Brocade switch.  The default user is “admin” and the password is “password”.  You will probably be prompted to change a bunch of passwords at this point.  Passwords must be at least 8 characters.
5.  At the Brocade switch prompt type “ipaddrset” and press “Enter”
6.  Fill in the correct values for the Ethernet IP Address, Ethernet Subnetmask, and Gateway IP Address.  You may ignore the two lines about FC IP addressing.
7.  Once the changes have been applied, verify that you can now ping the Brocade switch.
8.  Logout of the Brocade by typing “logout”.
9.  To get back to the HPOA, press and hold “Ctrl – Shift – Underscore”.
10.  At the HPOA prompt, type “logout”.

That’s it.  You have now changed the default management IP of the Brocade.  I’ve included a capture of a telnet session that reproduces what you will see when you are following the steps above.  If you need help – post a comment.


WARNING: This is a private system.  Do not attempt to login unless you are an authorized user.  Any authorized or unauthorized access and use may be monitored and can result in criminal or civil prosecution under applicable law.
Firmware Version: 1.30
Built: 02/12/2007 @ 09:23
OA Bay Number:  1
OA Role:        Active
PDC-BC01-OA1 login: Administrator
HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator
(C) Copyright 2006-2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
Type ‘HELP’ to display a list of valid commands.
Type ‘HELP <command>’ to display detailed information about a specific command.
Type ‘HELP HELP’ to display more detailed information about the help system.

PDC-BC01-OA1> connect interconnect 3

NOTICE: This pass-thru connection to the integrated I/O console is provided for convenience and does not supply additional access control.  For security reasons, use the password features of the integrated switch.

Connecting to integrated switch 3 at 9600,N81…
Escape character is ‘<Ctrl>_’

Press [Enter] to display the switch console:

Fabric OS (swd77)

swd77 login: admin
swd77:admin> ipaddrset
Ethernet IP Address []:
Ethernet Subnetmask []:
Fibre Channel IP Address []:
Fibre Channel Subnetmask []:
Gateway IP Address []:
Issuing gratuitous ARP…Done.
IP address is being changed…Done.
Committing configuration…Done.
swd77:admin> eth0: Link status change: Link Up. 100 Mbps Full duplex Manual (forced).

swd77:admin> logout

Fabric OS (swd77)

swd77 console login:
Command: D)isconnect, C)hange settings, send B)reak, E)xit command mode > D
PDC-BC01-OA1> logout


  1. Darin Quick said,

    April 16, 2009 @ 10:17 pm

    You can also telnet into the C’Class administrator from your workstation and then connect into the Brocade switch. Easier than working in the comms room.

  2. Marcel said,

    September 10, 2009 @ 5:09 pm

    Knowing the default IP you can set any device in the same vlan to for example and connect to the SAN switch. As I have also admin access to the Cisco LAN switch connected to the Brocade, it was very easy:
    1.telnet LAN switch
    2.conf t, int gi0/x (port connected to Brocade), no switchport, ip address, end
    3.wait 60 secs, then telnet
    4. ipaddrset etc as above
    5. telnet to LAN switch again
    6. conf t, int gi0/x, switchport, switchport access vlan xxx, end,exit
    7. Voila!

    No need to whip out your serial cable….

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