Back from Brazil

What an amazing trip! Just got back from five days in Rio de Janeiro. The main purpose of the trip was to attend the wedding of my good friend Christian. The wedding was beautiful, and I just want to thank Christian and Isabel for welcoming me into their home. It was an honor to be a part of the wedding party – sharing this special day with you. All my love and best wishes as you start the rest of your lives together.

But we had time for more than just the wedding. There was the bachelor party (all details held in confidence – don’t ask – just trust me that it is very different than U.S. bachelor parties). We also ate a lot of good food. Thursday evening we had dinner at an Arab buffet that included a great show will belly dancers. Friday night we ate at Porcão, my favorite churrascaria (Brazilian barbecue). My absolute favorite Brazilian meal is bacon-wrapped filet with a side of creamy cheese rice. I left the Feijoada to Christian and Sandy! And we had plenty of Skol (beer) and Caipirinhas (made from Cachaça).

You will find plenty of pictures of the wedding (as well as a visit to Christo) on my Flickr account. I guess this means I only have six of the seven wonders of the world to left to visit.

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