Props to Undees for the Bikecast

I’m very proud of my good friend Ian for taking me up on the suggestion of a special video edition of his podcast – live from his bicycle.  Check it out.

I will probably be putting in a guest appearance on his show in the near future.  We have worked out the technical details that will allow me to participate via Skype.  Now all we need is a topic.  So coming soon – to a podcast near you.

In Other news …

I love VMWare, and our good friends have now made the GSX version free.  Stroll on over to their website and check it out.  Down with MS Virtual Server !!

And in stupid news, the following link entitled “How to Spoof an Email” gave me a good laugh tonight.  Ummm … isn’t this just a simple example of how the SMTP protocol works?  It is a simple set of commands that have been in use for …. well …. years.  Come on people.  Let’s not get excited about telnet (please).

And with that – I bid you good night.

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