2007 – The Blog in Review

Okay, this is a super easy blog post. These are just 2007 stats from this website.

I made 47 blog entries which led to 40 comments (okay – a few of the comments were mine). While my posting frequency was down from 2006, traffic nearly doubled! I get an average of 3500 page hits each month. Keep in mind some of that is the spiders that crawl the Internet – but still cool.

The top referring site is Google (both search and images). Top client browser is still Microsoft’s IE, but Firefox is a close second. Top five search criteria that brought people to my website in 2007 (with links to the articles where relevant) …

1. yenrab (this blog!)
3. press to meco
4. bl460c slow boot
5. clarion san training

So technology and NASA related posts seem to rule the roost when it comes to search engine traffic.

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