Final Failover Testing Complete

Last Thursday we did acceptance testing with our network integrator.  That process covered switching, routing, IP Telephony, wireless, and NAC.  There were a few steps in the test plan that we couldn’t do during business hours.  We had live telephone training going on at our old building.  Those phones were registered with the Cisco Unified Communications server at the new building.  So we deferred a few activities until last night.  Everything went great.  We tested supervisor module failover on both Cisco 6509 MDF switches.  We also simulated a loss of the onsite subscriber and watched 460 phone re-register to the publisher (which is located at our offsite datacenter).

Only about 52 hours to go until the big move starts (Friday @ Noon).  Say a little prayer for no surprises!

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  1. your Sister said,

    July 24, 2008 @ 5:24 am

    How exciting! The big move is finally here! We will definitely pray that all goes well.

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