On the eve of “Black” (berry) Friday

Tomorrow is the day.  U.S. District Court judge James Spencer holds in his hands the fate of more than 3 million U.S. Blackberry users.  If you love you Blackberry, then you probably would want someone elses finger on the trigger.  Judge Spencer is so eager to clear this case from his docket, he would not even listen to the DOJ’s request for another hearing this week.  The judge also doesn’t want to wait for final decisions from the USPTO.  I guess he feels that the only opinion that matters is his own.

Yes, RIM has a workaround planned.  For my company, that means we get to spend our valuable IT time and resources updating software on over 400 handhelds (not to mention the server) during the next 30 days.  I sure am glad that one man in Virginia can direct the strategic direction of our IT department.

It still beats the costs of changing platforms.  First – there is no better platform available right now.  Any change would mean new hardware, software, training, or some combination there of.  Look at the hardware alone.  A Treo 650 (if purchased with a service plan) costs $300.  Multiply that times 400 users – well … you get the idea.

My official prediction is that the injunction will be filed (and it will not exempt existing RIM customers).  I expect there will be a 30 day grace period for existing customers to either upgrade to RIM’s multi-mode software or change to another platform.  So sleep well tonight.  Snuggle up to your blackberry and keep it warm – maybe even play one last game of Brickbreaker.  This may be the last night you have together.

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