What, no Injunction?

 Well campers, I can admit when I am wrong.  Rather than share my own words with you today, I give you the words of the honorable Judge Spencer.

 I can discern from reading the pleadings and preparing for this hearing that a legal decision, a court imposed solution, will be imperfect. The legal squabbling will continue, RIM’s business will continue, in plain words the case should have been settled. But it hasn’t. So I have to deal with that reality.

I must admit I was somewhat surprised at RIM’s argument, which seems to me to be inconsistent on the one hand, that if the court was to impose an injunction, that it would have a catastrophic effect and the very foundation of western civilization would be shaken by wireless e-mail or the absence of it.

And then, on the other hand, from some of the stuff that I’ve read, it’s a minor convenience they have got a workaround. Nobody will even know that a stone was cast into the sea. I’m going to take the matter under advisement, and I will issue a decision as soon as reasonably possible. I’m thinking that probably the damages order may come out quicker than the decision on injunction. That requires a little bit more thought. And if, I say if because I have not decided, if an injunction is ordered by the court, I want to make very sure that these exclusions and exemptions are appropriate. That the government and its needs are met.

And so I thank you all for your time and attention this morning. We will be in adjournment.

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