Cisco Click to Call

Our business has been using Cisco’s Unified Communication Manager for several years now.  For the most part, our employees use their IP phone just like they previously used their old digital PBX handsets – it’s a phone.  If you are looking for cool (and free) way to start doing some CTI, check out Cisco’s free widget called “Click to Call“.

Built on .Net framework 3.0, Click to Call utilizes the same Webdialer functions available on your CCM user page.  Except now you can place calls from Outlook, Sharepoint, web browsers, or any other Microsoft Office application.  In fact, anything that you can copy to the clipboard can be dialed.  I’ve included a screen shot below of dialing from Outlook.  Presto … phone goes off hook and the call starts.  This is a great way to expand available functionality before jumping off the cliff into Presence and the Cisco Unified Personal Communicator.

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