Chicago in Early April

Life is not about what’s easy.  It’s easy to root for the winning team.  It’s easy to buy what other people are selling.  Ideals such as loyalty and innovation are much harder.  It’s in the struggle for those things that are “hard” that we find true happiness.

I am a Chicago Cubs fan.  People often ask, “How on earth did you ever come to be a Cubs fan?” like it is some sort of disease that nobody wants.  But those very same people are the ones who seem envious when they find out I travel to Wrigley Field every year for opening day.  Most do not envy the exact experience this game offers.  I think what they long for is the consistency and tradition – knowing that each year your have something solid and reliable to look forward to.  And for someone who loves baseball … well, there is nothing quite as special as the friendly confines.

Come rain or snow – hot or cold – you will find me there.  I consider myself truly blessed to have a best friend who shares this experience with me each and every year.  Even now that he is married – he (and his wife) manage to make time for this trip.  So to Alan and Angela – I love you both.  Thank you for being part of my life and allowing me to be part of yours.

My loyalty to Cubs baseball makes me happy.  Even if they never make it to the world series again, you will always find me in Chicago in early April.  After all, this is our year.  Go Cubs Go.

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