Why people hate public transit …

A big front rolled through Dallas this afternoon, and the MATA overhead wires at Cityplace took a direct lightening hit.  All trolley service through Uptown has been stopped for more than five hours now.  Okay – so nature and weather are out of their control, but being prepared to respond to such a problem is something that could have been planned for.

No problem.  I’ll just take the bus home.  DART’s website tells me that the number 39 bus will take me right where I want to go.  I notice there is an active rider alert for that route, so I stop and take time to read it.  The alert says that street construction is impacting the Southbound portion of the route.  That alert expired on 08/10/12, and I’m going North anyway.  So I find the nearest stop downtown at Olive @ Ross.

I arrive at my bus stop five minutes early and check the realtime GPS for the bus.  It says it will arrive any moment.  I wait … wait some more … and then I check my phone again.  Now it says the next bus is in eight minutes.  I think to myself, “That’s strange – I didn’t see a bus go by.  It’s only eight minutes until the next one.  I’ll just wait here.”  Same thing happens again.  So clearly the bus is detouring downtown and not using Olive street, but there is no place for me to figure out where it really is going.

So I walk back towards the office (Arts District) and then walk another half mile to McKinney and Routh (where I would usually catch the trolley).  This is also a stop on the DART bus 39 route.  Sure enough – bus pulls up and takes me where I need to go in about 3 minutes ride time.  By the time I get where I am going, this whole process has taken an hour.  Did I mention that I live one mile from where I work?  I could have walked the whole distance in under 20 minutes.

I am happy to be home, but really pissed at the world right now.  Enjoying a nice frosty cold beer to calm my nerves.  MATA just posted on Facebook that they have finished repairs as of 6:45 PM.

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