Upgrade XP Pro to Vista Ultimate? Not.

So I decided that I wanted to see what Windows Vista is all about.  I got my hands on the latest beta build from MS, and I set out on this adventure.  At first I was just going to do a clean install on my home machine (for no particular reason).  Then is occurred to me I should probably just upgrade my existing Windows XP Pro (64-bit edition).

The install told me that if I wanted to upgrade, I needed to do so from within Windows.  So I rebooted and launched the install from DVD within Windows.  To my surprise, it then came back with a different problem.  It said, “Upgrading from Windows XP Professional Edition to Vista Ultimate Edition is not supported.”  What?  How is it that MS thinks it customers won’t want to upgrade from XP Pro to Vista?  Maybe this is just a beta thing, but it concerns me.  How on earth are they going to make their timeline for a release this fall if they have not worked out an upgrade path yet?  I’m starting to understand the position of our friends at Gartner.

Progress update.  After the install copied all my existing Windows files and folders to a backup folder, my machine rebooted and promptly started to blue screen.  I’m starting to regret having taken on this mess.  My money is on a need for newer SATA RAID drivers.

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