Brazilian ISP Woes

Now I know the box on the wall says AT&T, but the ISP in this story is not actually AT&T. Honest – I’m not sure why the equipment on the wall says AT&T. Anyway – on with the story.

This past week I was working late at the office when my cell phone rang. On the line was the company that monitors our Internet intrustion detections systems. They were calling to inform me that they lost communication with the sensor in our Brazil location. Upon a brief investigation, the link was indeed down.

We woke up our local technician around midnight his time. He made his way into the office to find out that the service was down, and it appeared to be a problem with our ISP. So we called the ISP and they dispatched a technician in the middle of the night.

The technician decided that some “power supply” was bad. Well have a look at his creative solution:

Oh yes – they spliced the power … Took it around a door … And then around the corner … And yes – into an outlet !! 

Now check that – they took two bare wires and secured them with a piece of black electrical tape! On the one hand – I am “shocked” by the danger that these photos portray – obviously no OSHA regulations in Brazil. But on the other hand, this problem would have gone unresolved in the United States. No carrier in the U.S. would have dared try this solution. They would have turned around, walked out the door, and attended their union meeting.

So in the end – we were very happy to have out internet circuit up and going again. But if you ever run across this install – watch what you touch.

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