STS-121 Update: 21 Days Until Launch

Launch for mission STS-121 is scheduled for July 1 at 3:49 p.m. EDT.  Live countdown coverage will begin about six hours prior to launch.  This will be the 18th mission to the International Space Station.  The Discovery crew is comprised of commander Steve Lindsey, pilot Mark Kelly, mission specialists Mike Fossum, Lisa Nowak, Stephanie Wilson, Piers Sellers, and Thomas Reiter. 

Next week the crew will be at KSC for the Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test. This is a launch dress rehearsal that occurs prior to each shuttle mission.  Flight day 1 of this 14 day mission will include:

• Launch
• Payload Bay Door Opening
• Ku-Band Antenna Deployment
• Shuttle Robot Arm Power Up
• External Tank Handheld Video and Wing Leading Edge Sensor Data Downlink 

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