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Now I know we are in the minority these days – running Notes / Domino in a world dominated by Outlook / Exchange.  And this isn’t a post to argue the particular upsides and downsides of each solution.  No – this is a plea (if not a cry) for help from IBM.  Sadly, I am not the first to vent this particular frustration.

With the release of Notes 6.x, IBM introduced the ntaskldr.exe to replace a whole handful of other processes that previously ran independently.  It handles all sorts of things – including mail replication.  But here is the problem.  This crummy little executable has a nasty habit of consuming almost all CPU resources from time to time.  A variety of solutions have been posed over the past several years, but there has been no magic bullet.  The two leading theories are:

1.  Execute “ncompact database_name.nsf -D”

2.  Delete your local database replicas and any associated full text indexes.

Now I tried option one this evening on my local database.  The starting size was 606 MB, and the compacted size was 398MB.  Only time will tell if this did anything at all.  Option two however is not realistic.  Removing the local replica means you can not access your mail offline (which is a huge benefit of Notes).  Now if you think I am making all this up, just read the following post on IBM’s website.  Their solution to this problem is listed as, “No plans to fix in this codestream.”  Yeah – I think that message has come across loud and clear.  Here is a quote from another post that sums this up even better …

“I don’t want to mess with deleting files or figure out how to ncompact *anything* … I want “them” to step up to the obvious problem and fix the bugger. I agree an earlier previous poster who pointed out that this is a case of poor programming and not caring about the user. It’s intolerable. It certainly seems to me like an infinite read/write loop of some kind. It’s not so much CPU use as I/O Read/Write use (disk use). My solution for now is task manager, right click, end process …”

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  1. Anonymous said,

    October 19, 2011 @ 5:57 pm

    A very old comment, but it is still right on!
    This nasty little task is killing me. Once it gets going it just takes over and locks out everything elsoe on the workstation – this is Notes 8.5 I am talking about.

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