The Olympus Stylus 720SW

When it comes to digital cameras, I am a huge fan of everything Canon.  I have had a Powershot G3 for quite some time, and I really do love it.  It has been a reliable workhorse, and it allows me to take some really fantastic looking pictures.  But until just recently, I never knew why I liked my Canon so much.

I decided that it was time for a smaller camera – something that could fit in my pocket – something I could take just about anywhere.  I settled on the Olympus 720SW.  Not only did it meet my size requirements, it had the added benefits of being shock resistant and waterproof.  And as point and shoot cameras go – I have not been disappointed in its image quality.

My complaints differ from some of those I read in other reviews of this product.  First – the battery has to be charged outisde of the camera (which means you better buy a second battery).  Second (and this one is killer) – why did Olympus use a non-standard USB plug for their download cable?  That is plain stupid.  While I like some of the basic photo editing tools included on the camera, it is only about 50% accurate when it comes to correcting red-eye.  It tends to fix one eye, but not both.  It would also be nice to have a permanent button for enabling or disabling the flash.

With the exception of the photo editing capability, my Canon does the rest of these functions very well.  I never meant for the Olympus to be a replacement for the Canon.  So if you buy Olympus – know what you are getting.  The 720SW is a good “basics” camera, but it is not everything I would want.

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