The Promise VTrak 500p

It’s Christmas in July!!  My network admin and I installed a new low cost disk storage solution from Promise Technology today.  The VTrak 500p is a SATA to SCSI disk enclosure that can support up to 15 SATA II hard drives.  It is loaded with features that are normally reserved for high dollar enterprise storage, but it comes with a price point closer to $4500.  We chose to load ours up with 15 Hitachi Deskstar 7K500’s (which adds about another $4500 to the price).  That is fifteen 500GB hard drives!  We designated one global hot spare, and the remaining 14 drives were put into a RAID 5 array.  End result = 5.8 TB of available disk for $9000.

The real test comes when we attach it to an IBM server and give it a purpose.  This beast will become our email archive box – no need for grand performance, but certainly a need for lots of storage.  I’m handing it to the folks at Promise – we had this thing up and going in less than an hour.  The web interface sure made it easy.

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