Snakes on a Plane

Less than 24 hours until the grand opening of this new cult classic.  And check out what happened when I purchased my ticket online from …

Thank you for purchasing ticket(s) to see Snakes on a Plane. You are invited to participate in a brief text message dialogue to share your reactions and thoughts about Snakes on a Plane with the filmmakers and studio immediately after you see the movie.

Sign up to participate and we will text you within approximately 15 minutes of the conclusion of the movie. If you complete the three-question exchange within two hours after receiving the first text message, we will give you up to $2 off your next ticket transaction. There is also an optional 4th question that will enable you to send an unfiltered message in your own words describing how you feel about the movie.

Your cell phone number and carrier information provided to us via the input boxes below will be used only to communicate with you via text messaging about Snakes on a Plane, and unless you instruct us otherwise, will be deleted from our systems and records thereafter, regardless of whether you actually participate in the SMS dialogue or not. 

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