Bad Tivo … That’s a bad Tivo Tivo

Machines really do have a life of their own, and they know when their life is coming to an end. It pisses them off. They would rather go the suicide route that be put out to pasture. And my DirecTV HR10-250 martyred itself last night. It won’t boot, and it is out of warranty.

Now the real pisser is that DirecTV is replacing the HR10 unit with a new HR20 unit within the next two weeks, but the HR20 is not for sale yet. So I had to go spend 100 clams to buy a temporary HD receiver (non-DVR) to carry me through the next couple weeks. Could that timing have been any worse?

And a personal word to DirecTV. As a loyal Tivo user, I hate you. Your are sunsetting a fantastic interface (both on screen and the remote) in favor of something that will never be able to compare. Tivo has mastered the DVR market. Everything else is just a knock-off. Can you tell I’m mad? I moved to DirecTV because you had Tivo support, and less than two years later the whole thing is going away. If I have to pay even a dime more to move to the HR20 unit – you will probably lose this customer.

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